PHOTO by Branko Milanovic

Hi people, I’m Kristina Ivanovic. 
I founded Mozzarella In october 2013 to show you beautiful places, moments and fashion 'n' style of some amazing people. 
Enjoy my diary and don't forget- TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!

"Actually there is no concept, I just go out and start chasing. It's all spontaneous and it is all about the moment. Before I go out on a shoot, I do a prayer for people to be awesome that day. They are usually during the fashion week so I don't have to prey a lot. I work everything alone, and when I finish editing the photos I just pass it to my friends, hear what they think and then I published everything. That's my routine."

- Kristina for Carnival Magazine

-Kristina for MILANICE


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